Artist Statement:

My paintings are constructed of the basic elements of art: line, color, texture, and movement play important roles.  Multi mediums are used show different phases of the work.  Smudges and drips remain to show the history and process.  The subject matter, inspired by ordinary objects, is easy to accept and encourages a response based on individual experiences.  As a result, the viewer’s reaction to the subject and with the process completes the painting.

About the artist:

I’m a simple, easy going guy.  Married to a young lady I met in a dance hall in Austin, Texas.  We are happy parents of two silly little kids and along with a golden retriever we live an ordinary crazy life on Lady’s Island, South Carolina.  I make a smooth margarita and spicy salsa. You are welcome over any time.

I have a degree in art from the University of Texas and taught elementary and high school art for six years. I left teaching in 2001 to become a fulltime artist.

In a year I travel approximately 30,000 miles, spend 70+ nights in a hotel and participate in about 16 art festivals.  Hopefully, I sell enough paintings to make it worth it.

I love my life. I hope you enjoy my work.